About Heaven and Nature

Heaven and Nature is for people who love Jesus and love the outdoors.

The Bible teaches that Jesus created nature: Everything we see around us, and the things we can’t see—like the far reaches of space, what’s beneath the oceans, and the microscopic world. That’s the worldview that’s presented here on this website, on our social pages and in our publications.

rocky coastline with purple starry skies
This is the photo I used on the cover of my devotional book—I love the way it includes the heavens, the earth and the water. (by Jung Ho Park • used by permission • See more of his beautiful photos at @mylovefromjesus)

We value God’s heart for His creation, including people. We value beauty. We value stewardship of both nature and ourselves—our time, talents, health and relationships. We value getting into nature for fun activity, adventure, rest and retreat.

We value the written word of God, the Bible. We believe it’s the authority for living for those who decide to follow Jesus. It has so much wisdom, direction and encouragement for how to live this life well and with purpose.

We value the life of the Holy Spirit in us to guide us, teach us, convict us of sin and bring us comfort. We believe He is living and active today in the lives of His people throughout the world. We welcome His presence.

Heaven and Nature, the website, began as a way to connect with readers of Heaven and Nature Sing, a devotional book that was independently published by Brodin Press in 2022. As we create additional products, they’ll be hosted here, too.

Learn more about the writers and illustrators of Heaven and Nature Sing.

It’s a place to host blog posts, videos, photos and artwork surrounding these values and themes. We hope you’re blessed by it!

About Sharon

As long as I can remember I’ve loved being outside. I was raised by parents who took us five kids camping, hiking, paddling and on lots of road trips. They also gave me my strong Christian roots that I’m incredibly grateful for. I’ve been a Minnesota resident since 1978.

I’ve been married to my husband Nick since 1992. We’re blessed with three great kids, a daughter and two sons, who are now grown up. They all live near us, which we’re so thankful for. Our daughter is married to a terrific guy and they had their first child in July of ’22. I have absolutely loved being a wife and mom through the years, and am completely loving being a grandma!

One of our family adventures I’ll never regret is homeschooling our kids, K-12. My full-time self-employment journey began as they were finishing high school. I decided to go back into the graphic design and copywriting world I had left when our kids were little. I added some more training and experience and opened shop under my own name in 2014. I changed the name to Brodin Press in 2017 to more accurately cover all my various projects.

Besides Heaven and Nature and Brodin Press, I own Twin Cities Outdoors, a hyper-local website about our area’s parks, trails, waterways and campgrounds. If you live in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro, be sure to check it out! I work for clients, too, writing, designing and editing.

Fun Fact: I was a music major in college way back when. I taught private piano lessons for 22 years from my home when our kids were growing up. And I’ve been an active member of our church’s worship team since I was in high school (at the same church!).

My favorite outdoor activities are paddling (we have a canoe, kayak and paddleboard), hiking, camping, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. I love to ride horses any chance I get, too. I love long weekends and long road trips in beautiful outdoor places with friends or family.

Sharon Brodin in the BWCA
In the Boundary Waters, one of my favorite places (photo courtesy of Rachel Anderson)