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365 daily devotionals for outdoor & nature lovers

“A welcome addition to the growing body of literature encouraging God’s people to return to Him in praise and adoration through both the special revelation of His Word, and the general revelation of His creation.” ~ Joel Vermillion, Wilderness Ministry Institute

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Heaven and Nature Sing

365 Daily Devotionals for Outdoor & Nature Lovers • Edited by Sharon Brodin

Heaven and Nature Sing is a daily devotional book, available in both paperback and e-book. It’s a collaborative work by 26 different writers and artists from all over the US and around the world.

We believe God created nature and He speaks through nature. These devotionals will help you connect more with our creative and loving God, and the world He made. 385 pages.

“My backpack for the next trip just got a little heavier, as I sure want to bring this book with me and read it when I watch the sunrise or sunset, or by the campfire.” ~ Ed Wu, Premier Education Partners

(photo by Jung Ho Park/used by permission • See more of his beautiful photos at @mylovefromjesus)

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"Daily Bread in the outdoors and with God" with image of bare feet on a sandy beach at water's edge

Daily Bread: Our Enjoyment of the Outdoors • Our Enjoyment of God

“Give us today our daily bread” is part of the prayer Jesus taught His disciples to pray. We can apply the idea of daily bread to our enjoyment of the outdoors and—most importantly—to our enjoyment of the Lord Himself. The …

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"The Natural World in the Bible" with images of a flower, pebbles and a snowy birch tree

20 Meaningful Bible Verses about Nature

Did you know there are hundreds of verses in the Bible that talk about nature or use something in the natural world to teach us a life lesson? If you love nature and the outdoors like I do, it’s pretty …

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"Tent vs Hammock Camping" with image of two women in their campsite with hammocks and tents

Tent vs Hammock Camping: Pros and Cons of Each

Tent camping vs hammock camping—which one is right for your next trip? It depends! Keep reading to see why… I’ve done a fair amount of camping. So I have in mind what I know I need to take—with slight edits …

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"Build Christian Community Outside" with image of a group of women standing on shore with canoe paddles and canoes

Build Christian Community through Outdoor Adventure

There’s so much in our Bible about what healthy Christian community looks like. And the outdoors is one of the best places to build it! Community could mean an individual church…THE Church…families…friend groups…roommates…church staff…ministry staff…classmates. There are tons of ways …

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"Hearing God speak in the Outdoors" with image of a man standing on a mountaintop, overlooking more mountains

Hearing God Speak in the Outdoors

There are several stories in the Bible of the Lord speaking clearly to people who were in the wilderness. I should point out that people in Biblical times didn’t go to the wilderness for fun adventures like we do today. …

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"widen your tent pegs" with image of glowing tent at night in the woods

How to Widen Your Tent Pegs

Have you ever tried to fit more people into a tent than you should? The company’s capacity recommendations are there for a reason. In the moment it sounds fun and adventurous and economical for everyone to cram a little. Everyone …

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"What the Bible says about Jesus as Creator" with image of mountains

What the Bible Says about Jesus as Creator

We know from the Bible’s very first verse that God is the Creator of heaven and earth. But what about Jesus? What does He have to do with creation? While the Old Testament is filled with prophecies and hints about …

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"Camping Devotional Ideas" with image of women sitting along the shores of a lake while one reads from her Bible

Ideas for Devotionals for Your Next Camping Trip

There are so many fun ways you can include meaningful devotional times in your camping trips. No matter who’s along and their ages, we have ideas for you. Do you want a trip theme? Will you write your own devotions …

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"Where Nature & Advent Meet" with image of wooden cross next to a frozen lake at sunrise

Zechariah’s Silence: Where Nature and Advent Meet

Celebrating Advent is such a special time of year for many of us with a Christian faith practice. It’s an invitation to step into the waiting. To slow down to meditate on the magnitude of the nearness and incarnation of …

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"Finding beauty every day" with image of a hand holding a leaf and a wooly bear caterpillar

Finding Beauty in Everyday Life

Have you ever gotten so used to something in your environment that you forget it’s there? Do you have consistent parts of your daily routine? How does repetition change the way you see those activities, for example, a commute you …

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