20 Meaningful Bible Verses about Nature

"The Natural World in the Bible" with images of a flower, pebbles and a snowy birch tree

Did you know there are hundreds of verses in the Bible that talk about nature or use something in the natural world to teach us a life lesson? If you love nature and the outdoors like I do, it’s pretty …

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Build Christian Community through Outdoor Adventure

"Build Christian Community Outside" with image of a group of women standing on shore with canoe paddles and canoes

There’s so much in our Bible about what healthy Christian community looks like. And the outdoors is one of the best places to build it! Community could mean an individual church…THE Church…families…friend groups…roommates…church staff…ministry staff…classmates. There are tons of ways …

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Hearing God Speak in the Outdoors

"Hearing God speak in the Outdoors" with image of a man standing on a mountaintop, overlooking more mountains

There are several stories in the Bible of the Lord speaking clearly to people who were in the wilderness. I should point out that people in Biblical times didn’t go to the wilderness for fun adventures like we do today. …

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How to Widen Your Tent Pegs

"widen your tent pegs" with image of glowing tent at night in the woods

Have you ever tried to fit more people into a tent than you should? The company’s capacity recommendations are there for a reason. In the moment it sounds fun and adventurous and economical for everyone to cram a little. Everyone …

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What the Bible Says about Jesus as Creator

"What the Bible says about Jesus as Creator" with image of mountains

We know from the Bible’s very first verse that God is the Creator of heaven and earth. But what about Jesus? What does He have to do with creation? While the Old Testament is filled with prophecies and hints about …

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