Migration in Nature and God’s Call to Us

"Migration and Calling" with image of a flock of Canada geese in V formation at sunrise

It’s fall in Minnesota and that means the Canadian geese are migrating. Every day I see them flying overhead on their way to their winter habitat. It symbolizes a change in season and is something embedded in the biology of …

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Why Symbiotic Relationships in Nature are So Cool

"Symbiotic Relationships" with image of monarch butterfly on flowers

Symbiotic relationships—when two widely different natural species depend on each other for survival—are fascinating! Some relationships don’t benefit both parties and some harm one party—in the case of parasites, for example. We’re going to look here at “mutually symbiotic” relationships …

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Find Your Way to “Hidden” Beauty

"Finding hidden beauty" with image of three people hiking in the mountains

One of my favorite things about human-powered outdoor activities is the chance to find “hidden” beauty so many people miss. There’s something special about witnessing beauty in our natural world that only those willing to make the effort have seen. …

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The Many Benefits of Nature

"benefits of nature" with image of young man on a mountaintop

Did you know that being in nature gives people a major boost in health and well-being? Especially emotional and mental health. I used to think getting outside was simply personal preference for a few of us who are wired that …

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Hidden Lake Trail: Glacier National Park

"Hidden Lake trail Glacier" with image of Hidden Lake and surrounding mountains

The Hidden Lake Trail at Glacier’s Logan Pass is a short and relatively easy hike, and oh so scenic! Going-to-the-Sun Road may be the most popular spot in Glacier, for many good reasons. At the highest point on the road, …

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