A Tale of Two Lions: Which Keeps Your Attention?

"A tale of two lions" with images of two male lions

One of nature’s largest predators, African lions are both frightening and amazing. The Bible has a lot to say about lions, probably because they were common at that time in Israel. Actual lions appear in several Old Testament stories. Samson, …

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Lessons Learned Beyond Running

"Lessons from Running" with image of woman running on a paved path through the woods

I still remember the day my friend Lisa called and asked, “Will you sign up for Grandma’s Half Marathon with me?” I had been a recreational runner for years, and always thought of trying a half. But when faced with …

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God’s Presence “in the Cloud by Day”

"God's presence in the cloud by day" with image of trees covered with rime ice

The Heaven and Nature Sing devotional for February 4th is about rime ice and hoar frost. Have you ever seen those natural phenomena? My friend Brian wrote about it in that devo, and another friend, Caleb, just sent me a …

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Shalom: Its Meaning and Promise

"Shalom: universal flourishing" with image of waterfall

Shalom is a Hebrew word with a meaning that encompasses so much life, goodness and promise. In a nutshell, it’s universal flourishing. If you travel to or live in Israel, shalom means both hello and good-bye. It’s been used in …

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Why Your Worldview Matters

"Why your worldview matters" with image of rosebud in the rain

Your “worldview” is the perspective by which you see, understand and interpret life. Worldview impacts what we believe, what we do and how we make our decisions. People with differing worldviews interpret events, objects and people (themselves and others) differently. …

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Beauty in the Ordinary

"Beauty in the ordinary" with image of bright red berries on a bush

Do you look for beauty in the ordinary things of life? It’s easy to take “ordinary” beauty for granted. But it’s out there, and will enrich our soul and spirit if we slow down enough to look for it! Ordinary …

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The Value of Extended Time with God

"Extended time with God" with image of bible, notebook, pen and coffee cup

Most nature and outdoor lovers like you and me thrive on extended time in the wilderness, at a cabin or campsite, on a multi-day trek. We value it and look forward to it. We make plans weeks, months, even years …

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“Beauty is God’s Handwriting”

"Beauty is God's handwriting" with image of leaping woman and trees in the fall

“Beauty is God’s handwriting” is a phrase from a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson (American philosopher and poet, 19th Century). Its context is a wonderful reminder to us: “Never lose an opportunity for seeing anything that is beautiful;For beauty is …

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