Why We Need to Get and Stay Fit

"Let's get and stay fit!" with image of two women kayaking on a lake

Why is it we can be the most informed, educated people in the history of the world and still don’t do the things we know are best for us? We know all kinds of things are good for us and …

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Staying Active with Arthritis

"Active with Arthritis" with image of woman overlooking a forest

“Exercise is considered the most effective, non-drug treatment for reducing pain and improving movement in patients with osteoarthritis,” says the Arthritis Foundation. That was really good news for me back in 2015 when I was diagnosed with the beginnings of …

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Why Strength is Key to Optimal Health

"strength for optimal health" with image of three women backpacking on a trail in the woods

With a body full of muscle groups, a major part of our ongoing health is keeping these muscles active and strong. I’ve never liked strength training, especially with weights. I know it’s good for me. And I’ve done it in …

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A Life Well-Lived: In Honor of My Outdoors Dad

"A life well-lived" with image of a man and his dog overlooking a large lake and hills

Something incredibly significant happened in my life in February, 2018—my Dad finished his course in this world. He was welcomed into the Celestial City (as it’s called in Pilgrim’s Progress) by His Maker and Lord. One of the ways my …

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Good News about Moderate Exercise and Longevity

"moderate exercise and longevity" with image of woman snowshoeing in the woods

Here’s some very good news about the connection between regular moderate exercise and longevity. Not just a longer life but a healthier, more enjoyable and more fruitful life! If you really don’t like to work out—or if, like me, you’re …

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Why We Need Healthy Bones

"bone health" with image of a group of snowshoers on a frozen lake

Human bones and muscles start to lose strength around age 40 unless we do things to prevent it. Why should we care? Like most 20 and 30-somethings, I never thought about my bones in my young adulthood. But when I …

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Should Doctors Prescribe Outdoor Activity?

"outdoor rx" with two people at the base of a large waterfall

Did you know there’s a movement out there that’s researching and encouraging outdoor activity and nature as treatment for disease, instead of prescription drugs? It’s a thing. A growing thing. Some call is Outdoor RX. Exploring the use of nature …

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