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365 daily devotionals for outdoor & nature lovers

“A welcome addition to the growing body of literature encouraging God’s people to return to Him in praise and adoration through both the special revelation of His Word, and the general revelation of His creation.” ~ Joel Vermillion, Wilderness Ministry Institute

Heaven and Nature Sing book cover

Heaven and Nature Sing

365 Daily Devotionals for Outdoor & Nature Lovers • Edited by Sharon Brodin

Heaven and Nature Sing is a daily devotional book, available in both paperback and e-book. It’s a collaborative work by 26 different writers and artists from all over the US and around the world.

We believe God created nature and He speaks through nature. These devotionals will help you connect more with our creative and loving God, and the world He made. 385 pages.

“My backpack for the next trip just got a little heavier, as I sure want to bring this book with me and read it when I watch the sunrise or sunset, or by the campfire.” ~ Ed Wu, Premier Education Partners

(photo by Jung Ho Park/used by permission • See more of his beautiful photos at @mylovefromjesus)

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"Draw near with Confidence" with image of boy feeding a Canada jay out of his hand

Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace

“Let’s therefore draw near with boldness to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and may find grace for help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16 [The following is taken from the devotional book Heaven and Nature Sing, …

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"Conceal or Heal?" with blurry image of tamarack trees in a forest

How God Designed Healing Differently

Trees and humans both have healing mechanisms built into the way they’re made. This gives us a metaphor that can teach us a part of how God wants us to look at healing. Trees can withstand many injuries—wildfire, wind, losing …

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"the extraordinary spider" with image of yellow spider on its web

Spiders: Silk Producers and Extraordinary Architects

I admit it—I’m not a fan of spiders. They creep me out! But the design of spiders is a wonderful example of God’s creativity and wisdom. (Maybe after writing this I’ll be more of a fan! haha) Here’s a quick …

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"Symbiotic Relationships" with image of monarch butterfly on flowers

Why Symbiotic Relationships in Nature are So Cool

Symbiotic relationships—when two widely different natural species depend on each other for survival—are fascinating! Some relationships don’t benefit both parties and some harm one party—in the case of parasites, for example. We’re going to look here at “mutually symbiotic” relationships …

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"Black Mountain Lookout Hike" with image of woman on a mountaintop

Black Mountain Lookout Hike: Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

The Black Mountain Lookout hike in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains is right up at the top with other hikes we’ve done in the West—without the crowds! The Bighorns in northcentral Wyoming are national forest lands, not national park. Far fewer people …

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"Rest to Thrive" with image of woman sitting lakeside, journaling

Can Rest Cause You to Thrive?

“God blessed the seventh day, and made it holy, because He rested in it from all His work of creation which He had done.” Genesis 2:3 (NOTE: I’ve taken and expanded on the devotional for June 2 in Heaven and …

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"The narrow gate life" with image of a small gate in a wood fence in the trees

Is “Enter Through the Narrow Gate” Offensive to You?

“One of the accusations against Christianity is that is it narrow-minded. The exclusive claim of salvation only in Christ goes against the modern open-minded thinking…” (That’s from Emil Toader’s devotional in Heaven and Nature Sing, December 1) Emil grew up …

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"what is a biblical worldview" with painted image of a man overlooking a large lake at sunset

What Does it Mean to have a Biblical Worldview?

The Bible has historically been the foundation for living for followers of Jesus. It’s defined the orthodox Christian worldview for centuries. What does this mean: a biblical worldview? And how are we doing as believers in living out this worldview …

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How to Thrive through Desert Seasons

As any follower of Jesus knows, our life involves some “desert seasons.” Dryness in any—or many—areas of life. These desert seasons are never without hope! In Heaven and Nature Sing, there are four back-to-back devotionals in April that talk about …

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"The Journey" with a box of books

Our Collaborative Writing Journey

The devotional book Heaven and Nature Sing was a collaborative effort of writing, photography and illustration between 26 different authors and artists. One of the reasons I believe so strongly that the idea for this book was straight from the …

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