Lessons from the Pearl

"Lessons from the Pearl" with image of pearl on a towel surrounded by tools

The way pearls are formed in mollusks parallels how God uses irritations in our lives to make something beautiful. Parallels of God’s Character  There are so many places in the world and in life where God’s character is represented. I …

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How to Widen Your Tent Pegs

"widen your tent pegs" with image of glowing tent at night in the woods

Have you ever tried to fit more people into a tent than you should? The company’s capacity recommendations are there for a reason. In the moment it sounds fun and adventurous and economical for everyone to cram a little. Everyone …

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Finding Beauty in Everyday Life

"Finding beauty every day" with image of a hand holding a leaf and a wooly bear caterpillar

Have you ever gotten so used to something in your environment that you forget it’s there? Do you have consistent parts of your daily routine? How does repetition change the way you see those activities, for example, a commute you …

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Migration in Nature and God’s Call to Us

"Migration and Calling" with image of a flock of Canada geese in V formation at sunrise

It’s fall in Minnesota and that means the Canadian geese are migrating. Every day I see them flying overhead on their way to their winter habitat. It symbolizes a change in season and is something embedded in the biology of …

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Paddling Through Life: Resilience

"How Paddling teaches us Resilience" with image of two women in a tandem sea kayak along a rocky shoreline

Paddling kayaks and canoes has many life lessons for us. Resilience is one of them. Learning it can carry us through many challenges. “The Lord deserves praise! Day after day He carries our burden, the God who delivers us. Our …

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