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365 daily devotionals for outdoor & nature lovers

“A welcome addition to the growing body of literature encouraging God’s people to return to Him in praise and adoration through both the special revelation of His Word, and the general revelation of His creation.” ~ Joel Vermillion, Wilderness Ministry Institute

Heaven and Nature Sing book cover

Heaven and Nature Sing

365 Daily Devotionals for Outdoor & Nature Lovers • Edited by Sharon Brodin

Heaven and Nature Sing is a daily devotional book, available in both paperback and e-book. It’s a collaborative work by 26 different writers and artists from all over the US and around the world.

We believe God created nature and He speaks through nature. These devotionals will help you connect more with our creative and loving God, and the world He made. 385 pages.

“My backpack for the next trip just got a little heavier, as I sure want to bring this book with me and read it when I watch the sunrise or sunset, or by the campfire.” ~ Ed Wu, Premier Education Partners

(photo by Jung Ho Park/used by permission • See more of his beautiful photos at @mylovefromjesus)

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