Why You Should Head North in the Winter

"head north in the winter" with image of woman standing on a lake shore in the winter

Here in Minnesota, most people dream of heading South sometime during our cold winter. But one of my favorite winter trips is going North instead! I’m not against going somewhere warm. I’ve been to Florida in the winter, and Mexico …

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Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park

"Glacier National Park's Going to the Sun Road" with image of mountain landscape

Going-to-the-Sun Road is arguably the most scenic drive in the US. Every American should take this at least once—it’s one of our national treasures! The mountain setting is nothing short of spectacular. Combine that with the alpine lakes and rivers, …

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Niagara Falls: A North American Natural Wonder

"spectacular Niagara Falls" with image of American Falls and Horseshoe Falls

Niagara Falls, if not the most, is certainly one of North America’s most dramatic water features (and we have a LOT of water features!). Niagara Falls is on the border of western New York and southern Ontario. While it’s not …

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How to Find Parks & Trails Near You

"find local parks and trails" with image of woman hiking in the autumn woods

I think it’s human nature to think we have to go on a road trip or hop on a plane to get to cool parks and trails…while ignoring most of the cool places in our local area. Then COVID-19 came …

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6 Common Plants You Didn’t Know Are Medicinal

"Common medicinal plants" with image of green plants

What if you could find all-natural and organic medicines that can help with your ailments with virtually no side effects? You can! I ran across this list of common medicinal plants—some of which grow as “weeds” in my own yard. …

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Enjoy God’s Magnificent Creation Often

"Enjoy Creation" with image of a young guy and woman leaping high on a mountain top

We only have so much time on this earth, within our life span. Let’s use some of that time to see and experience God’s magnificent creation! I’ve never regretted going to memorable natural places. You probably haven’t either. But we …

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17 Favorite Midwestern Wildflowers

"Favorite Midwestern Wildflowers" with image of a patch of bunchberry

One of my favorite things about being outdoors in spring through early fall are the beautiful native wildflowers here in the Midwest. Wildflowers are one of the wonders of our natural world. They grow, literally, everywhere (except maybe Antarctica) in …

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